I approach all parts of my business in an environmentally considerate and responsible manner.

This is an ongoing effort to reduce (or remove) all unnecessary waste along with gathering information about the real impact of all materials and processes.

I consider the following three areas to be particularly important.



  • I use the most appropriate materials to produce high quality, long lasting products.
  • I source our materials from Australian owned suppliers that manufacture locally.
  • I design products that can be easily repaired, further increasing their longevity.
  • I are constantly investigating new environmentally sensitive materials – let me know if you can suggest anything



  • I minimise use of electricity, particularly with lighting and heating.
  • I keep paper products to a minimum and only use products that are 100% recycled (and unbleached, post-consumer wherever possible).



  • All of the packaging is recycled, biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Orders are simply wrapped in a couple of sheets of recycled tissue paper.
  • Orders are always posted in simple cardboard boxes (and not plastic postage satchels). This protects your bag from damage during delivery and is much more fun to open than a plastic bag.