I am the proud owner of three of mattt's excellent bags.

I have the A4 Shoulderbag in a plain - yet subtly stylish - dark charcoal, which I use for carrying papers or small items on a daily basis. It's conservative enough that it's suitable even for business meetings where a suit is required.

I also own the Wide Shoulderbag with a beautiful dandelion and butterfly design, which fits my laptop or a larger selection of papers, when I need to take these travelling or to work.

Finally, more recently - and because I was so happy with the other two bags - I purchased the oversize shoulder bag.

It's the best solution I've found yet to the problem of what to use for carry-on baggage on planes.

If one wants something that isn't ugly, which fits a laptop, and that one can also carry out and about in town.

All the bags are durable, functional, and fashionable. When one bag did show signs of wear after a number of years, Matt was kind enough to repair it free of charge.

In short, I reckon mattt makes great bags!"

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