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iPad Folio

Unlike most ways to carry an iPad these folios are designed to be a bit more useful with space for accessories, papers and a Moleskine skletchbook.

They are also designed to work with larger bags in the range. 

1 • Front pocket

The full width pocket is designed to carry the included Moleskine sketchbook along with other items.

The idea being the sketchbook protects the screen of the iPad without adding too much bulk, and is also very useful for taking notes etc.

As the sketchbook is a standard Moleskine size (and available from most bookshops) it is easy to purchase a replacement no matter where in the world you might be.

2 • Main zipper

Like the matttZIPs this is a reversed YKK #5 zipper (by reversed this means the teeth of the zipper face inside giving a much neater finish).

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