This bluetooth tracker is a small coin sized device that you clip to your bag (or keys or whatever else you might misplace) and connect to an app on your phone.

This allows you to locate your bag from your phone either on a map or by ringing the Chipolo, making it very easy to find misplaced items.

You can also shake the Chipolo and make your phone ring (even when on silent); a great way to find your phone if misplaced around the house etc.

I've designed the Chipolo to clip onto the keyloop found in every bag so you can choose to remove it if needed, or use with other smaller items when required.

Before deciding to offer Chipolo I tested a number of similar devices (Tile, Trackr etc) though found the Chipolo to have

  • a more elegant app that uses less phone battery and data
  • offer much better range, apprx 60 metres
  • have an easily replaceable button battery

If you'd like to find out more please visit the Chipolo site here.

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