This is often the trickiest option to explain (especially over the phone or via email) though once it makes sense it seems very straightforward - so stick with me  : )

Basically most people seem to have a way that feels natural to wear a shoulderbag, for most people (say about 65%) this is on the right side of the body (with the shoulder strap across the body to the left shoulder, or on the right shoulder with the bag on the same side) - and this doesn't seem to be related to whether you are left or right handed.

When a bag is worn on the correct side the main zipper will close to the front (much easier to access and much less susceptible to pickpockets etc) and the mobile phone pocket will also be at the front - basically wearing the bag will feel much more natural.

This is therefore the standard configuration for the bags, and almost certainly the way your previous mattt bag would be sewn (unless it was a special order etc).

Of course if you prefer to wear your bag on the left side of the body the main zipper direction and the internal pockets are swapped around to be correct for you : )

NB →  the backpack zippers and internal pockets are sewn the same way as standard (or right side of the body) shoulderbags, if you'd prefer the opposite just let me know and this can be done at no extra charge.


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